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Causes and solutions of double-layer glass fogging

Causes and solutions of double-layer glass fogging

DONGGUAN KUNXING GLASS CO LTD Internet 2020-12-11 17:04:49

The windows are a particularly important part of the house decoration, not only can play a role in resisting wind and rain, but also have a sound insulation effect on the house. Therefore, more and more people will use double-layered glass windows. Today we will analyze the causes and solutions for the fogging of double-layered glass windows.

Causes of fogging of double-layered glass

1. During installation, if the construction process is not good, after a certain period of use, the sealant may crack, causing water vapor to enter the interlayer of the double-layered glass. As the temperature rises, the water vapor evaporates. When it contacts the glass surface, it will change. It is a small water droplet, which causes fogging of double-layered glass.

2. During installation, if the sink of the window is not installed properly, causing its water surface to be higher than the profiles, it will cause water to flow into the double-layered glass interlayer. Under sunlight, water vapor forms mist, which causes the double-layered glass to fog.

3. During the installation process, if there is no gap between the parting bead and the edge of the glass, when it comes into contact with rainwater, it will absorb rainwater onto the double-layered glass, causing fog to occur on the double-layered glass.

4. If the difference between the indoor temperature and the outdoor temperature is too large, and the indoor air humidity is too high, fogging of double-layered glass will occur.

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Solution to fogging of double-layered glass

1. If the sealant is not tightly sealed, it can be removed and the glass window should be cleaned again. After drying, seal with glass sealant again.

2. If the sink is not installed properly, remove the windows and reinstall them.

3. If the parting bead has been installed, glass gaskets can be added to the windows. In addition, you can also remove the original parting bead of the window and reinstall the new parting bead. Pay attention to keeping a certain distance between the parting bead and the edge of the glass window, generally 2mm is the most suitable. And when installing the glass window, be careful not to let the parting bead get water, so as not to affect the installation quality.

4. If the fogging phenomenon is caused by the excessive temperature difference, you can open the window for a while to make the difference between indoor and outdoor temperature smaller, and wait until the fog on the window dissipates.

5. Use more insulated glass, which can greatly avoid fogging.

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