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Bathroom partition glass considerations

Bathroom partition glass considerations

Susie Internet 2019-07-16 15:13:10
Bathroom partition glass considerations

The bathroom is a place that we often use in our daily life, so it is not sloppy in the decoration of the bathroom. So, what should we pay attention to when doing bathroom renovation and glass partition? Here are six important precautions for the bathroom glass partition that everyone must know.

1. Paving the floor tiles and wall tiles, and then making the bathroom partition wall.
When decorating the bathroom, the floor tiles and wall tiles should be laid out first, and then the sanitary partition walls glass should be customized according to the actual size required. Note that the sewer pipe and floor drain must be installed before laying the floor tiles. At the same time, the glass door should be customized according to the actual size for installation and use.

2. Consider the water blocking of the door frame threshold
Consider whether the glass partition of the bathroom can block the water. If can't block the water, you need to install the threshold. The general threshold should be 1.5cm-2cm above the ground. Otherwise, the shower water will flow out from the door and you can't reach the dry and wet partition. It is easy to cause inconvenience.
Be careful not to use the glide path because the water and dust in the slide are difficult to clean and will smell bad after a long time.

3. Should be installed handle stem on the side of the bathtub.
The bathtub in the bathroom is the place where the whole family members need to take a bath. When there are water and shower gels in the bathroom, there are dangerous factors that may cause slipping. Therefore, to ensure safety, the handrail is installed on the side of the bathtub. Especially for the elderly and children in the family, it is more important to pay attention to this detail.

4. Electrical plug should be away from the bathtub
The bathtub is a container for storing water. It is better not to have an electrical plug around it. Because in general, many people will dry in the bathroom after washing their hair in the bathroom. If someone is in the bathtub and the electric appliance is dropped into the water, it will be fatal, so the electrical plug is installed away from the bathtub.

5. Switching power supply should be well protected against moisture
The bathroom should be the place with the most water in the home, so to ensure safety, the bathroom must be equipped with a moisture-proof cover on the power supply such as the power socket when the bathroom is being renovated.

6. Glass doors should be made of tempered glass
The glass door of the shower should be made of tempered glass. If the glass is colorless, you can put a pattern on the line of sight to avoid damaging the glass.

The above six precautions for the bathroom glass partition are the problems that the novices who want to decorate the new home must know. Otherwise, it will cause unnecessary troubles and inconveniences. It is too time-consuming and laborious to rework. Do a good job of seeing the work before you have no worries!